Le Giuliette Blab

Why you feel guilty when you buy a new bag?
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Don’t feel guitly when you buy a new bag!! Itis probably the most needed and wanted accessory of all times and has expressed the tastes ofthe wearers and the times, a most chameleonic object which has lept through history from … Continua a leggere

Globalized manufacturing versus Artisans
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How many of you are turning around the label on a new item bought in some big mall or in one of the mega huge department stores and having a look at where the product you are buying is made? … Continua a leggere

La Porta dei Parchi
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Lately I have also been cooperating with La Porta dei Parchi designing few articles for their shops. La Porta dei Parchi is an agricultural farm-house establishment since 1977 , it specializes in biological and ethical farming system. This family-based firm … Continua a leggere