Globalized manufacturing versus Artisans

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How many of you are turning around the label on a new item bought in some big mall or in one of the mega huge department stores and having a look at where the product you are buying is made? Most of the times it is Made in India, China or Bangladesh.

Do you have any idea how much these items are being paid originally?

From my experience in most of the cases it is not been paid more than one twentieth of what you will be paying, especially when you are buying from big well known brand. That means that if you are buying something for 50 Euros it has usually been paid originally not more than 5 to 10 euros.

Above the manufacturing and raw material costs many of the expense go into the transport, merchandising, customs, advertising, agents, whole-sellers and finally the retail….What you buy is finally and actually costing you 10 times more than the actual value of the item…

Frankly, I am not against it, and I feel that it must proceed, as a lot of people work on it and their incomes are coming from this
huge system….but perhaps it should be turned a little bit down.

On the other hand we have Artisans, where a lot of time and skills are being carefully put into a piece of work. Most of the handwork pieces have higher costs both in labour and in raw materials.

An Artisan spends time over time (and frustrations) for multiple tries to finally achieve a piece of work.

When you are buying a piece from an Artisan you are buying time, passion, skills and talent.

From my experience in many cases, to keep up to the market, the Artisan will not have big markups, so you will probably pay a bit less than what is the actual value of the item.

The artisan could be next door, in your city or country, or somewhere else in the world making amazing pieces of arts and crafts in some cases making unique pieces….Give them a chance to proceed, lets turn this up!

In my perfect world; lets go to the mall in a big super store and buy the extra two or three T-shirts, or the underwear, or the everyday jeans…. but then lets buy the lovely hand-knitted coat, or handmade bag or crafted accessory from the artisan!!

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