La Porta dei Parchi

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un-agriturismo-ancoraLately I have also been cooperating with La Porta dei Parchi designing few articles for their shops.

La Porta dei Parchi is an agricultural farm-house establishment since 1977 , it specializes in biological and ethical farming system.

This family-based firm is in the region of Abruzzo near Anversa degli Abruzzi, which is one of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy.

The firm is owned and managed by Nunzio Marcelli, Manuela Cozzi and their daughter Viola and their son Jacopo as well as other cooperators such as the kind Samanta!

The structure is framed in the beautiful valley of the Gole del Sagittario and offers apartments and a restaurant. The farm offers their own biological farming products as well as big variety of cheese production, and many open-air activities in the area.

One of the firms main target is the responsible and ethical agricolture which roots from “civic agricolture”. For this reason they Unknown-6have embraced production systems which involve the local community and have developed innovative commercial systems such as “Adopt a Sheep” project, which enables nature-lovers, naturalists or just gourmets in any part of the world to sponsor a sheep and in exchange for the expenses of the maintenance and the breeding of the animal,they will not only , send the produce such as cheese, milk, wool, fertilizers and ultimately the meat Such sponsorship will also allow you be hosted in the farmhouse and follow different phases of the breeding such as transhumance, nursing or shearing.

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