Liberty store in London

The well known Liberty Store stands in the center of London and its main entrance is on Great Marlborough Street. Constructed in the 1920’s the building facade is a revival of a Tudor building by using timber recycled from ships HMS Hindustan and HMS Impregnable. The frontage has the same lenght as the Hindustan.
Dotted around this amazind buitling are many heraldic shields. The persons portraid on these shields include William Shakespeare, the six wives of Henry VIII and many others.
The founder was Arthur Lasenby Liberty who decided to open his own store after having worked for Messrs Farmer and Rogers for more than 10 years.
The store bearing his name opened dealing with fabrics, ornaments and Japanese art. As it grew in its offerings it became one of the most prominent stores in London.
Oscar Wilde was a great fan of the store and siad about it “ Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper”
In 1878 in collaboration with Thomas Wardle’s printers and dyers, Liberty shaped its image by introducing the “Libert art Fabrics”. Also known as “Liberty colours” they were part of the Art Nouveau movement, which in Italy became so synonymous with the department store that it was referred to as Stile Liberty.
The Liberty fabrics are still their uniqueness and symbol but the store hosts a variety of luxury items and it well known for its elegance and prestige.

Le Giuliette special collection for Liberty

 I have had the privilage of producing a small collection of aprons and tea cosies at the “Home department”. The trait d’union  for the creations is the famous Liberty fabrics.
I have enjoyed being able to create the pieces by mixing and matching the lovely prints with my creativity.
You can find Le Giuliette at the following