The art of making

The art of making is not casual it is a result of a lot of practice and learning with different skilled artisans.
Throughout my career I have picked up many of the techniques and collected materials from all over the world.
Each GIULIETTA is a little piece of unique art (may it be a bag, an accessory or an apron).
The first thing I settle is the model or the structure of the item.
The style is properly planned with paper patterns and models, by trying over and over different shapes.

Then comes my favorite part! That is making, designing and assembling the different bits and pieces, mixing and matching embroideries, borders, patches, fabrics and any other thing I can stitch on!
Each piece is unique and cannot be the same as another as each is handmade and decorated.
Clearly I do offer the possibility of making the same style in multiples like uniforms for cooks or gardeners or any other enterprise who may like my articles.

I love making unique pieces being it for multiples or single pieces, as I consider them little pieces of art!